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Magnet Paint is a NEW IMPROVED water-based emulsion paint.

It contains vey fine ferrous powder, because of this the paint it dark grey in colour. The paint is best applied with a sponge roller. For a smoother surface, apply quickly and then smooth off with a trowel. You can paint over it with any emulsion colour of your choice, blackboard paint or our dry-wipe paint - Sketch Paint we recommend a minimum of three coats and adding more coats will increase the magnetic receptivity.

Lightweight or large surface area magnets are ideal for this surface. So it is great for displaying your magnet letters, fridge magnets or magnetic games!

As the paint itself is not a magnet, but rather has metallic, i.e. magnetic, properties that create a surface to which you can apply magnets, it is safe to use in your home, school or office and will not affect your computer, TV, video or any other magnet-sensitive equipment.

Surface preparation.

Proper surface preparation is essential for a long-lasting finish. paint will not adhere to dirt, grease or water solubles such as wallpaper paste or glue. Remove all loose or peeling paint. Wash surface with water and detergent, rinse well and allow to dry. Remove loose material from cracks ad holes, and fill with a quality speckling compound. When dry, sand smooth and wipe free of dust with a damp cloth. Smooth surfaces work best, rough concrete or cinderblock surfaces are not recommended. For good adhesion to gloss or semi-gloss surfaces scuff the surface with sand-paper and wipe over with a damp cloth.

To use.

Magnet Paint comes ready to use but if necessary, dilute with a maximum of 5% water. Never combine this product with another paint.

Mix paint thoroughly with a stirring stick prior to use.

For best results, apply the paint with a sponge roller which can be cleaned with soap and water after use.

If the paint is to be applied on a portion of a wall, apply a masking tape border to the area, prior to painting for a clean edge. Once dry, blend the edges by sanding gently.

One litre will cover approximately 2 square metres with three coats. Multiple coats increase magnetic receptivity. Three coats are recommended..

Neodymium type magnets are advised for extra strong magnetism.

Drying time.

Low temperatures and high humidity will inhibit drying. Magnet Paint is touch dry after 1 hour. Allow 4 hours of drying time between each coat of Magnet Paint. Allow the Magnet Paint to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before applying a topcoat.